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Knitted Sweater Throw | Fake Tan

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100% RWS Merino Knitted Blanket.

Inspired by a classic cable knit sweater.

Featuring hand embroidered mohair, a two tone twisted cable and a rib steps to create this unique piece. 

190cm X 115cm



Main Yarn: 100% RWS Merino Wool.

• Grown in Australia

• Non-Mulesed Sheep

• Regenerative farming practices

Embroidery Yarn: 43% Alpaca, 43% RWS Wool, 13% Nylon, 1%Spandex.

• Grown in Cape Wools, South Africa

• Responsible Alpaca Standard

• Responsible Wool Standard

*Because this yarn order is so low, synthetic content is so low, we do not have access to the certificate

Label: 100% Oeko-Tex Cotton.

• Dyed and woven at Foshan Shunde Jing Feng Dyeing Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, China



Merino Wool is a natural, breathable fibre, meaning you don't have to wash it very often. This saves significantly more water during the use phase than other materials. We recommend washing it every 3-4 months. Hand wash or machine wash on a wool or delicate setting. Lay flat to dry. Between this time, you can air it out on a clothes line and show it love with a depilling every now and again.