• IN BED Journal

    'Behind the Doors of Ma House with Ben Mooney'

    Images by Rubin Utama

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  • RUUSH Magazine

    'These Are The Best Places to Buy Original Furniture'

    Article by Jahalia Solomon

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  • The Design Files

    'Inside Ma House Supply Store's 'Magic' Mix of Vintage + New Objects'

    Article by Christina Karras

    Photography by Amelia Stanwick

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  • Incu Stories

    'Explore Ma House with Ben Mooney'

    Interview for Incu for 'Make Room for Bode' by Ma House, Presented by Incu.

    Photography by Phillip Hyung

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  • Architecture Australia

    Profile: Ben Mooney of Ma House

    Photography by Sarah Forgie

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  • Fashion Journal

    A Curated List of the best Australian and New Zealand Stores for Vintage Furniture

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  • 'In Praise of Shadows'

    Featured in Melbourne Design Week 2023

  • 'Make Room for Bode'

    Styled by Ben Mooney, in collaboration with Sean Brickhill for Incu Australia

  • 'FABRIC'

    Styled by Ben Mooney, hosted at Ma House Supply Store. In collaboration with Zachary Frankel for Melbourne Design Week 2024

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  • 'Come to My Garden'

    Pop-Up Hosted by KEEPSAKE.WORLD in March, 2022

    Photography by Alexi Cordes