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Orbital Lamp by Hermon Blue

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Clare Hermon is the woman behind Hermon Blue, a self-taught artist originally from Northern England. Clare has created this beautiful Orbital Lamp out of Douglas Fir, Brass, Waxed Parchment Japanese Black Ink and Silver Solder.

The wooden sphere is turned on the lathe from reclaimed Douglas Fir beams sourced from a house that was demolished in the Otway Ranges last year. The timber was dyed and polished with Japanese Black Ink. The brass was bent and soldered by a talented friend of Clare’s. It can be spun to change the direction of the light.

The shade is made from a Japanese parchment that has been beautifully aged in the corner of a textile studio for the past 30 years – and joyfully rediscovered after a year of searching for this warm-mottled texture that one can only find by being a very determined/tiresome perfectionist with a ‘vision.’